Why do I let this happen to me?

Sometimes you have friends who are music journalists. And sometimes those friends make more or less random requests. And sometimes when you comply with those requests, chaos ensues. This time, Victor Infante of the Worcester Telegram set us a challenge — to cover a random song. We had no choice as to the song, but otherwise, we were free to do with it as we pleased.

As it turned out, the twisted mind of Victor had set us an even more diabolical challenge than expected — it was all Phil Collins songs. Ours was “Abacab.” So here you go, with apologies, this was all of two days’ work. Many thanks to my amazing husband, who did all the production.

Hello, ASCAP!

Howdy! Am I meeting you at the ASCAP Songwriters’ Expo RIGHT NOW? How cool is that! I bet we’re having a great time! Maybe you’re interested in checking out what I do. I’m a pop & country songwriter, writing for artists and for film & tv.

Here’s your super seekrit link to my latest demos.

Oh, and here’s my latest teeny-tiny EP, Sleepin’ In, which is to say, really, my one song, plus two bonus jazzed out, bluesed up covers.

Check ’em out, lemme know what you think! I’m always interested in feedback – I want to keep getting better!

I’m also a big believer in collaboration, so please hit me up if you like what you hear and are interested in working together!

Brennan hits limited theatrical release Sept. 2nd!

So proud to announce that the indie film, “Brennan” which opens with my first film placement will be in limited theatrical release in AMC theaters, September 2nd, 2016.   My song, “Overwrought,” feat. Little Jimmy Acorn, plays over the opening and again as background during a later bar scene!  Keep checking that website for theater locations near you.

Durango Songwriters Expo is rocking my world.

Having a great time at the Durango Songwriters Expo! Getting some powerful, specific feedback on songs, learning some great new skills, and meeting a lot of really fascinating people. If you’re one of them, say hi!

And if you’re here to check out my stuff, here’s the link to the current demo. The song I’ve been pitching is “Be Who Ya Be,” a pop ditty.

Hope to connect with many more of y’all.